Please carefully consider these important residency qualifications and responsibilities necessary to advance to the next step in our admissions process and determine if Solon Community Living is the right place to call HOME!

  • Individuals at least 23 years of age upon their move-in date and who have Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities as their primary diagnosis (I/DD).
  • Residents and their families are responsible for securing and maintaining any necessary support services such as in-home care and supervision (Homemaker/Personal Care – HPC), day programs, employment support, and transportation.

PLEASE NOTE Solon Community Living is a neighborhood with supports but is NOT a direct care provider.

  • Residents will have a range of abilities and support needs, but those who are medically fragile or demonstrate significant, consistent behaviors that pose an unmanageable risk to themselves, or others would not be a good fit.
  • Residents and their families must demonstrate a sustained ability to pay (which could include Medicaid waivers, private pay, or other sources) for all current and future costs to live at SCL.

Solon Community Living wants families and community residents to be successful!

  • Whether or not your family member ends up living at SCL, participation in our Family Readiness program will help families create legal, financial, care and life plans to address current and next generation supports needed for the resident. These plans will be required for the final application to live at SCL.
  • Solon Community Living is a family-supported neighborhood; therefore, resident and family participation in the shared community are essential and highly valued to encourage independence and self-determination.