digital look of a Solon Community Living property

SCL Home Features

14 single story, ADA-compliant residences with attached garage: 1 or 2 Bedroom options
  • One Bedroom – approx. 910 sq ft

  • Two Bedroom – approx. 1135 sq ft

  • (10) Two bedroom homes & (4) One bedroom homes

Floor Plans

  • Teaching kitchen for residents
  • Large living room area for dining or events
  • Office and meeting space/ sensory room
  • Outdoor terrace for gatherings and cookouts
Two Bedroom Duplex Floor Plan

1,135 SF per Unit

One Bedroom Duplex Floor Plan

910 SF per Unit

Additional Safety & Security Features

  • Soundproof insulated walls at highest level 52Db rating.

  • 2 hour and fire walls between units.

  • Fire suppression systems in all units with alarms that notify local fire department.

  • Wall mounted toilets for easier cleaning and ADA safety grab bars.

  • Showers and bathtubs include ADA safety grab bars.

  • Backup generators support each building with natural gas fuel.

  • Doors and locks with special thumb print ID, three level entry (thumb print, code and key). Smart technology records all entries and exits. Families to have supporting smartphone app.