I am the mother of two adult sons with Fragile X Syndrome. We have lived in Solon for over 24 years, and I have helped to create numerous local programs to assist people with disabilities to have meaningful lives in their own community.

Although it was very difficult, we were able to establish a home where our sons are happy and safe. Other families have similar needs and continually search for a solution to this very difficult problem.

Solon Community Living is in the early stages of trying to establish multi-unit, high-quality housing for adults with special needs. The families involved in this project have spent hundreds of hours refining detailed plans, which reflect the specific needs of families, community and caregivers.

The first step, which is supported by all Solon City Council members, is to rezone the site on which this much-needed housing will be built. When it is finally done, Solon will enhance its well-deserved reputation as a community welcoming to all.

I urge you to vote YES on Issue 19.

Jeanne R. Sydenstricker,



SOURCE: cleveland.com