On March 17, Solon voters have a unique opportunity to be a leader and a difference maker for those with special needs.

Issue 19 would create special needs zoning for a site near the Solon Community Center, just west of Portz Parkway and Aurora Road. This zoning would pave the way for a project featuring 12 high-quality town homes on a community-accessible location that will improve the quality of life for those with disabilities.

We need this, we should have this, and now we have the opportunity to do this with voter approval!

I do not have any children with disabilities, but have been surrounded by families that do over the past 20-plus years. This project is something that is not only warranted, but will have a lasting impact for the families involved.

A vote in support of this issue also demonstrates the progressiveness of Solon’s civic ability to provide for an entire community and basically to do something that we all should have as part of a truly inclusive place to live. Solon stand out as a leader in serving a diverse community, and this will be another example for other cities to follow.

If you study the hard work and thoughtfulness behind this project, everything that has been proposed should lead to a simple YES on Issue 19 for voters!

Hal Becker,

Chagrin Falls


SOURCE: cleveland.com