As parents, we all want to protect our children. For some of us, that constant concern will gradually subside as our kids grow to become more independent and self-sufficient. But when you are the parent of a child with special needs, that concern will never go away. Your child will always need care, even as an adult, and the question of who will provide that care becomes more worrisome as time goes on.

Solon Community Living has set out to create a safe housing neighborhood for individuals with special needs. And while this development would be the first of its kind for Solon, it goes alongside with the city’s overall goal of inclusivity. By developing high-quality town homes that support individuals with varying developmental disabilities, these individuals will now have a safe place where they can live, work and thrive within their community.

On March 17, Solon voters have the opportunity to approve Issue 19 special needs zoning. The new zoning code would permit the city to develop a community that accommodates the needs of people with disabilities. It will encourage its already diverse and vibrant community to continue to support all its residents so that everyone can learn, grow and thrive.

Please consider a vote in support of Issue 19; a vote of yes will make a difference in so many lives.

Deborah Pines


SOURCE: Cleveland Jewish News