We have lived in Solon for the past 23 years and are asking you to vote in the upcoming March primary on a zoning issue that represents the best of Solon and is also very personal to our family – that of approving new R-3-C zoning for special needs housing at the southwest corner of Aurora Road and Portz Parkway.

We appreciate how the Solon City School District has successfully brought our two children up through its ranks, reflecting its commitment to serving its students, whatever their needs: our older daughter has been living and working in South Africa for the past nine years and our younger daughter – who has special needs – has been living with support in a nearby community and working at a vocational training program for the past three years. Now Solon is continuing to show its support for special needs by putting zoning on the March ballot that reflects its Master Plan – calling for “housing opportunities to meet the unique preferences and needs of all age groups to enable residents to live in Solon throughout the various stages of life”.

Ever since our younger daughter was 3, we have been trying to figure out how we would set up a sustainable and fulfilling living situation for her when we were no longer alive. Even though we have come a long way as far as housing, we had not found a long-term solution – until the city of Solon worked on creating new zoning that would allow several homes to be built for adults with disabilities, within walking distance to city amenities where they could live, socialize and age in place in Solon.

This zoning for special needs housing has the unanimous support of Solon’s City Council. Now we are asking you, our fellow Solon residents, for your support by voting “Yes” for Issue 19 – special needs zoning in Solon in the March 17 primary. For further information, go to www.SolonCommunityLiving.org.

Lee and Theresa Markowitz



SOURCE: Chagrin Valley Today