As the recently retired coordinator of the Solon Blue Ribbon Adapted Recreation Program within the Solon Recreation Department, I’m asking that you vote for Issue 19 on the March 17 ballot.

Issue 19 will allow the development of quality housing for those citizens with disabilities, on the corner of Aurora Road and Portz Parkway, ensuring access to community resources, particularly the Solon Community Center.

This initiative highlights the attitude of Solon in re-imagining an even better Solon by celebrating diversity, in working, living and thriving together.

A critical concern of families who care for a family member with special needs is “how can I preserve the safety and well-being of my loved one when we are no longer capable of doing so?” What better way than to provide a quality home setting with nurturing provider support within the caring, familiar community of Solon?

This initiative will provide the groundwork that individuals with disabilities need to live a fulfilling life, encouraging each resident to reach their highest potential. Issue 19 will meet this need with respect and dignity.

Solon has an amazing reputation for supporting its diverse population. Continue this support, specifically for individuals with disabilities. Vote yes for Issue 19.

Linda Creviston,

Moreland Hills