When both of their children were diagnosed as toddlers with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic
disorder that causes intellectual disability and cognitive impairment, Ara and Leslie Bagdasarian embraced a lifelong mission.

“There was a clock ticking in the back of our heads,” said Mr. Bagdasarian of Solon. Their children Julie, now 27, and Alex, 25, would have no siblings. They considered what life would be like for their children after the couple passed away.

“That’s what keeps me up at night,” Mr. Bagdasarian said.

That has inspired the Bagdasarians to work toward ensuring that the Solon community in which they have lived for 22 years has quality housing for individuals with special needs. Beyond the housing, they want to live in a community that offers accessibility to all for amenities such as the Solon Community Center, walking trails, the library and more.

“We want to be the foundation of it,” Mr. Bagdasarian said of such a community. “Our goal is to create housing for individuals with disabilities so they can live, work and socialize in our amazing community.”

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SOURCE: Sue Reid, Solon Times