With a goal to enrich the lives others and create sustainable housing in the city for individuals with disabilities, Solon residents Ara and Leslie Bagdasarian made a presentation to City Council Monday.

In turn, City officials lauded the “Solon Community Living,” non-profit, long term supportive living option for individuals with disabilities that will cost $3 million. More than 30 residents, many of whom have children with special needs, turned out in support of the project.

The Bagdasarians, whose adult children Alex and Julie have Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes intellectual disability and cognitive impairment, have their set on city-owned property on Aurora Road that is just west of Portz Parkway.

They are pursuing grants for the project, as well as paying for it through contributions of families. They asked for access to the pub- lic land and a process for them to acquire the land either by lease or purchase. Council approved a motion to draft zoning language that would align with this vision.

A new zoning classification for some type of multifamily zoning specific to this would have to be created for this community.

Bagdasarian said the “best case scenario” is to have that new zoning who advises the planning commission language before the city’s electorate in May of 2020.

Currently there is no zoning in place for young adults with disabilities under 50 to live. This concept differs from traditional group homes, a handful of which are already located in Solon, because some believe group homes isolate individuals with disabilities, thus limiting their access to the community. There are no age restrictions of those who would live in the community.

Mr. Bagdasarian’s goal on Monday was to introduce the project, demonstrate the public need and ask for access to the public land through either lease or purchase, he said.

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SOURCE: Sue Reid, Solon Times