Solon Community Living is creating a safe and community-accessible neighborhood that provides a unique lifestyle for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to work, socialize and age in place.

“This special needs zoning and project are great for Solon and is supported by 100% by City Council and Planning. This serves a growing need and builds on Solon’s great reputation as a diverse and caring community” – Nancy Meany, Ward 5 Council Member and Vice Mayor of Solon

“The City needs to respond to the needs of the community” 

Solon Mayor Edward H. Kraus 

A unique pocket neighborhood coming to Solon!

Inspired by Ross Chapin, Architect

What is a pocket neighborhood? 

A pocket neighborhood is a group of homes gathered around a common green space where neighbors can forge supportive and social relationships.

Why is it an attractive concept for Solon Community Living? 

Everyone’s front door faces the green to encourage recreation and natural interactions. Neighbors can easily see and check on one another, an added safety benefit.


The “R-3-C” (Multi-Family Special Needs) zoning is specifically designed to permit
developments that accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.