Solon said “YES” and passed Issue 19 by a 83% positive vote!

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“This special needs zoning and project are great for Solon and is supported by 100% by City Council and Planning. This serves a growing need and builds on Solon’s great reputation as a diverse and caring community” – Nancy Meany, Ward 5 Council Member and Vice Mayor of Solon

“The City needs to respond to the needs of the community” 

Solon Mayor Edward H. Kraus 

The “R-3-C” (Multi-Family Special Needs) zoning is specifically designed to permit
developments that accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. As such, the ordinance
specifies that persons residing within “R-3-C” zoned areas must either qualify under the ADA
based definition of “disability” that is incorporated in the ordinance, or, must qualify as a
“support provider” for such persons (also as defined within the ordinance).

Preliminary Site Plan at southwest corner of Portz Parkway and Aurora Road

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