A representative of Solon Park Apartments asked to be engaged in discussions regarding a proposed housing project to accommodate individuals with special needs.

The apartment complex on Park East Drive near Aurora Rod is in close proximity to the Portz Parkway parcel planned to be the site of the approximately $3 million Solon Community Living, pending voter approval next year of the rezoning for the 4-acre parcel.

City Council opened a public hearing on the ordinance Monday to inform voters about a proposed R-3-C Multi Family Residential Special Needs Zoning and implementing the zone for the property located at the southwest corner of Aurora Road and Portz Parkway.

Among comments during the hearing was from Tim Craft, representing Solon Park Apartments.

“We are not opposed to the project,” Mr. Craft said, “but we would also like to be involved.”

He continued that the proposed housing project is close to the apartment complex and they have concerns regarding traffic and noise. He also asked about the location of possible sidewalks.

As far as noise, Mr. Craft also inquired who would be responsible for the buffering and the maintenance of that buffering.

“Solon Park would prefer not to absorb that cost,” Mr. Craft said. “We welcome the opportunity to work with partners to make this project grow, but just want to be involved before the fact, not after the fact.

“That’s our goal.” Mayor Edward H. Kraus said the city has been in discussions with the apartment complex as well as with Carrington Court.

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SOURCE: Sue Reid, Solon Times